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I'll erase the memories

Okayyyyyyy! I have two jobs right now, because I somehow snagged a job at white house black market! You might be wondering, how did a highschool drop out get two jobs? Yeah, I don't know either lol. Hilarious that starmarket rejected me but I got hired at a mall and Harvard. But then again I made the mistake of being completely honest at starmarket! Guess I've learned my lesson. But yeah white house black market is really really hard. I consider myself pretty outgoing but I get so scared approaching customers and whbm is like INSANE when it comes to selling and shit. Also the register is ridiculous, I'm hoping I get used to it/better or something. The discounts 40% which is okay, and 10% off sale items which fucking sucks. Basically I cant afford anything from there with my discount and with two jobs but whatever, the clothes are kinda fug anyways.

I'm just trying to get up from the stupidity of my years here. I feel so stupid, I wasted so much time. I've been doing better than usualllll. I mean I go to both of my jobs regularly? It sounds dumb, I know but this is actually a huge accomplishment for me. I mean I couldn't even make it to school everyday. Sadly, I can't really remember a time I was doing this much, and I'm not even really doing that much. I'm just gonna keep on pushing until I'm rich. I'm so tired of all this sitting around with my friends laughing/crying about how we got this way. I want to be rich, successful, idk something better than this.

Getting rich, getting outtt, getting shit doneeeeee!

Oh yeah and the good wife was fantastic last night. I'd say that I've never loved a tv show this much but its not truee! But this is the oldest and stablest I've been while loving a tv show so much!

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