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Set with agate and the azure sheen, of turkish blue and emerald green

That in the channel strays, while off the waters fleet I see my printless feet.

24 February 1984
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It must be nice to hope for the thing you wish to want.
"friends", annoying my ranting mother, any food italian, apples, audrey hepburn, ballet flats, big banks, black and white photos, boston, brazil., breakfast at tiffany's, bubble wrap, bubblewrap, buffy the vampire slayer, cacti, caffiene, candles, carla, chai, chai tea, chamomile, chandler, chapstick, cheese, chinese takeout, clay, clouds, colombia, columbia university., commercials, corsets, cozy rugs, dead kennedys, dr.cox, dr.kelso, eggs, elegance, elliott, fat-free tofutti rice dreamsicles, fencing, fire, fortune cookies, gardens, gay marriage, gerbils, getting into boston latin, glaze, glimmer, gloomy afternoons, gowns, green apple martinis, gto, hands, hardwood floors, harvard square, hating bc, hating bu, hating internet explorer, hating riots for sports, hero, icecream, islam, j.d., janitor, joey, jordan., kate loves to party, laverne, lotion, macs, marketing, marmalade boy, memoirs of a geisha, mice, mike piazza, monica, morgue guy, mulder, my best friends, new york city, new york mets, oranges, pasta, pedro martinez, phantom of the opera, phoebe, pizza, potatoes, prison, queen, rachel, radiohead, rain, rainy days, rats, red carpet, reflection, ripples, romantic comedies, roses, ross, rosy cheeks, rugs, safari, sappy movies, screens, scrubs, scully, silk ties, smashing pumpkins, snow, soapy mangas, steam, strawberries, stripes, sunsets, swans, swings, target (the store), target dog, tea, ted, thai takeout, the odd couple, the perfect circle, the ramones, the rembrandts, the sex pistols, the smashing pumpkins, the todd, the word "odd", the x-files, tights, tough, trench coats, turk, umbrellas, unemotional, veiled hats, watches, waterfalls, weddings, when harry met sally, wind